How is your organization doing with respect to DEI? What is going well? What can be improved upon?

These questions are central to every organization's success.

A DEI assessment is an excellent way to evaluate your organization's performance, identify gaps, and determine what actions to take in order to reach higher levels on your DEI journey.

Assessment Process

Korsi's 3P Model -- People, Policies, and Products -- uses analytical and qualitative methods to provide a comprehensive report on DEI at your organization. Our approach takes into account factors at both the individual and systemic levels, generating recommendations to further integrate DEI into all facets of your work.

We understand that DEI data need to be gathered by thoughtful professionals. That's why all of our consultants are highly skilled at conducting meaningful, thorough interviews and focus groups that get to the heart of the issues that matter to your organization. Contact us for a free consultation.

Better DEI practices. Better companies. Better world. It's what we believe.