Interactive Theater

Engaging. Thought-provoking. Compelling. These aren't usually the first words that come to mind when we think of DEI and anti-racism training programs. At Korsi, our innovative Interactive Theater training program changes that paradigm.

Drawn from real-life scenarios, our professional actors bring to life scenes that reflect what's really happening in our workplaces. From race to gender to disability and more, these stories address DEI and anti-racism topics in an unconventional way, creating an opening for much-needed dialogue.

At the end of each scene, actors stay in character to answer questions from the audience. Participants often describe this interactive element as the most valuable part of the training program.

Participants then have an opportunity to discuss the DEI and anti-racism issues raised in the scenes. Our skilled facilitators guide the discussion to ensure that it is safe and constructive.

Korsi's Interactive Theater training program is available for participants at every organizational level, from leadership teams to managers to individual contributors. The program can be customized for your organization, whether you're in the beginning stages of your DEI conversations or you're well-versed in DEI practices and want to take a deeper dive into a specific topic.

For additional information on our Interactive Theater training program, contact us for a free consultation.