Interactive Comedy & Storytelling

Looking for a unique way to engage your colleagues in a DEI and anti-racism conversation? Korsi's Interactive Comedy & Storytelling training program offers a novel approach, using humor and storytelling as a springboard for courageous conversations.

In this innovative program, our professional performers take to the stage to share real-life stories of being the "other" in the workplace. From being the only Black woman in a meeting to being the only gay man at the company's Pride event, our performers' stories are witty, entertaining, and thought-provoking.

After their acts, performers stay onstage to answer questions from the audience. Our performers are always consummate professionals, from the workplace-appropriate topics they discuss in their acts to their dialogue with the audience.

Participants then have an opportunity to discuss the DEI and anti-racism issues raised in the performances, and to share their own workplace stories if they wish. Our skilled facilitators guide the discussion to ensure that it is safe and constructive.

Always thought-provoking and never too "jokey" to be a corporate training program, Korsi's Interactive Comedy & Storytelling program offers a refreshing way for organizations to engage in DEI and anti-racism discussions. This program is recommended for virtual Town Halls, company-wide retreats, and mid-to-large audiences.

For additional information on our Interactive Comedy & Storytelling training program, contact us for a free consultation.