DEI and anti-racism training programs are integral to every organization's success. At Korsi, our innovative training programs go beyond traditional classroom-style lectures and engage participants through dynamic storytelling. From Interactive Theater to Diversity Monologues to Interactive Comedy & Storytelling to Facilitator-Led Training, we provide creative training solutions that participants remember.

We offer programs for groups of every size, at every organizational level, in the United States and globally. All of our programs are available virtually.

Better DEI practices. Better companies. Better world. It's what we believe.


Our training program topics include:

  • DEI 101

  • Bias in the Workplace: Conscious & Unconscious

  • Anti-racism at Work

  • Decoding Microaggressions

  • Covering: How Inclusion Benefits Everyone

  • Practicing Allyship

  • Labor Pains: Stories and Lessons from Women at Work

Interested in training but not sure which program is right for your organization? Contact us for a free consultation.