DEI solutions for an equitable world

At Korsi Consulting, we believe that better Diversity, Equity & Inclusion practices lead to better companies, and better companies lead to a better world. We offer a full range of DEI and anti-racism consulting services to organizations of all sizes, across all industries, in the United States and globally. Our commitment to an equitable world is at the heart of everything we do. We are here to take your organization to the next level and beyond on your DEI journey. Wherever you are now, we will meet you there. Join us at the korsi.

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How is your organization doing with respect to DEI? What is going well? What can be improved upon?

These questions are central to every organization's success. A DEI assessment is an excellent way to evaluate your organization's performance, identify gaps, and determine what actions to take in order to reach higher levels on your DEI journey. Learn more about our DEI assessment process.

Our innovative DEI and anti-racism training programs go beyond traditional classroom-style lectures and engage participants through dynamic storytelling.

Explore our training modalities. All of our training programs are available virtually.

Interactive Theater

Diversity Monologues

Interactive Comedy & Storytelling

Facilitator-Led Training

Workplaces are changing rapidly and organizations are facing new DEI challenges. Addressing DEI and anti-racism communicates to your employees and stakeholders that you place value on these important topics.

Whether you're puzzling over a thorny situation or simply want to improve practices in your organization, our expert consultants can provide guidance as you navigate the evolving landscape. Contact us to discuss your DEI-related matter.