Karina Grazina

Karina Grazina

Executive Coach

Karina Grazina is an Executive Coach in Korsi's network of inclusive executive coaches. She combines extensive business experience with coaching expertise to help executives develop leadership skills, improve performance, and enhance self-awareness.

Karina has 16 years of experience as a journalist. She served as a senior correspondent for Thomson Reuters for 14 years, where she worked with large companies and managed a team of business journalists in a variety of fields including energy and commodities. This background gives Karina a unique perspective on the critical issues facing business leaders.

In addition to her work as an Executive Coach, Karina works in the Leadership Initiative at Harvard Business School. She manages executive programs and leadership conferences and researches leadership practices. She has served as an Executive Coach for the Program for Leadership Development (PLD) at HBS and for the Administrative Fellowship program at Harvard University. Before joining HBS, Karina was a Fellow at Harvard University, where she conducted a year-long research project on fostering a culture of assessment within the Harvard Libraries community - Harvard has 73 libraries - and establishing a comprehensive library-wide assessment program.

Karina's experience as an ethnographer and a lecturer of The Theory and Practice of Communication at Buenos Aires University provides her with great insight into the communication challenges faced by business leaders. She combines this expertise with proven coaching methods to help clients achieve their aspirations and professional goals. Karina's clients have included executives in a range of industries at various stages of development, as well as business leaders in the fields of finance, management consulting, marketing, and communication.

Karina received Certification from Columbia University’s Coaching Certification Program. A native of Argentina, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in journalism from Buenos Aires University. She is in the final phase of a Master's degree in Management at Harvard University.